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to deflect asteroids today. >> reporter: and that's a $450 million project expected to launch in 2018, nasa a junior partner. live in oakland, stephanie trong. >> thank you very much, stephanie. less than a day back on dry land and one passenger is already suing carnival cruiseline for the debacle on the ship. passengers spend four and a half hours without plumbing. she says they failed to provide a seaworthy vessel. carnival has offered to refund their ticket, a ticket for another cruise and $500. >> it's always devastating with a pet dies but even more devastating when it happens in someone else's care. there are dangers of shipping your animals carlo. >> jessica, money through hundreds of reports released to the department of transportation. we found some horrific incidents and discovered airlines can sometimes save few consequences. >> our bets become our best friend and leaving them can be devastating. kay lek going to -- >> he's in l.a. where they can take him to the beach and he's going to have an acre to live on. >> so to give him a better life, he's about to be shipped as cargo on
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1